Rebirth of a legendary race

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The course des Triporteurs comes back

Organized in Paris between the years 1900 and 1943,
the Course des Triporteurs was a huge popular success.

Today, faced with the comeback of scooters in Paris, but also, faced with the need to promote gentle transport, this race has regained its full meaning.

Take part in this great collective moment! Runner, spectator, organizer. < br >This race can become yours in many ways.

A Cyclo-parade will precede the Race
All cyclists of all types, of all ages, will be able to parade on the Cours de Vincennes.

After which, the drivers will take their place on the three- wheeled cars.< br> They will have to complete twenty laps of the track on the cours de Vincennes.

A journey of 23 km which will have to be covered in less than 40 minutes to surpass the 1943 record.
A great opportunity for manufacturers to show that scooters are fast and efficient means (and theirs is the best!) le parcours les participants

The race is supported by the Town Hall of the 12th and 20th arrondissements of Paris.
race time is approaching :
23 Octobre 2023

La Cyclo-Parade

It's a day when the street turns into a dance floor for lovers of the little queen...

23 October 2023


1903 Lorgeou

Between 1900 and 1943, once a year, the Triporteurs'race ignited the hearts of the Parisian public.

23rd October 2023


Participer ?

You are...
A company, a spectator, a manufacturer of scooters, a runner (the race), a journalist, a bike repairer, a volunteer, a partner

29th of October, 2023


La presse ?

The race is a communication medium for all companies and associations in the world of soft mobility. Whether in a sporting or commercial approach.